PECOJON aims to make the life of journalists easier. Our greatest value is the support we as journalists can give each other when working in the field as well as in the news room. To further expand our effort the National Secretariats now also offer general assistance to those of our members who travel, doesn’t matter if they are on duty or just enjoy their holidays.

As of now all services mentioned are provided without charge.
The only requirement is that whatever help you receive you are willing to give as well if a colleague visits your playground.

Services offered by NATSECs:

Assitance in Travel Planning

Feel free to contact the NATSEC of the country you plan to travel in ahead of your trip to get information on
  • Flight bookings and expenses
  • Hotels, resorts and other places to stay
  • Visa regulations, medical concerns
  • Or other general advise

NATSEC can also practically assist you in booking flights or accommodation or by tickets locally.

Travel Service

When on travel you can store copies of your travel documents, medical information or contact information at the secretariat. In case you face any trouble, the secretariat has usually good contacts to the authorities and can assist you.

Non-emergency Back Up

Especially if traveling in hostile territory or being on coverage, the secretariat can provide you with security advice that is much more specific and timely than any embassy travel information. We recommend all members who cover frontline or sensitive stories to deposit travel documents, insurance information, medical information and home office as well as private contact information at the secretariat. Further we suggest you track your movement with the secretariat through mail and text messages, so that the secretariat knows where you are and can engage in case you need help.

Security Service

Further the secretariat can connect you with local members of the network who can assist you, guide you and help you to get in touch with relevant and interesting sources. The local colleagues are experienced and well connected, what might save you lots of time, hassle and often improves the quality of the report.

If you have questions please feel free to contact the National Secretariat of the respective country you plan to visit or get in touch with Intersec at

The NATSEC contact data you find on this website under National Networks.

(Some of the countries are not linked yet but we are working on it.)